About Dash

An Investment Firm That Tailors to Your Needs

Dash Investments is a privately-owned, independent investment advisory firm, managing private client accounts for individuals and families across America. The firm also manages accounts for institutions through its parent company, Dash Acquisitions.

Catering to the individual investor, we offer a full range of investment advisory and financial services, which are tailored to each client’s unique needs. At Dash, all aspects of the investment process are skillfully managed for the client by experienced financial professionals. In addition, each client receives comprehensive financial planning to ensure they are moving towards their financial goals.

Founder and CEO, Jonathan Dash, has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal , Barron’s and CNBC as a leader in the investment industry with a track record of creating value for his firm’s clients.

All primaries of the firm keep a majority of their investable assets under management alongside client investments – assuring 100% alignment of interests with clients.

All client accounts are held at well-known, third party custodial institutions that specialize in asset custody and administration.

As a fee-only advisor, client fees are based on a small percentage of total portfolio value. We are not a broker and thus earn no commissions from making trades in your accounts. This fee structure aligns our interests with yours – our only incentive is your success.

Our top priority is ensuring that each of our clients receives the guidance they need to achieve their financial goals. This is evidenced by the fact that we have maintained a client retention rate of nearly 100% since our firm’s inception.

Expect More From Your Financial Advisor

We believe that you should expect more from your investment advisor. Investors who choose Dash receive a personalized, comprehensive financial service that many firms are not equipped to provide:

Custom portfolio creation & management

We do not operate as a fund nor do we pool investor assets. Each investor’s portfolio is kept in a separate account and invested according to their customized financial plan. With a portfolio designed and managed according to your unique needs, your money will always be working to help you accomplish your specific goals – not someone else’s.

Highly individualized & proactive service

At Dash Investments, you will work with your very own Private Financial Advisor, whose sole task is servicing you. Your advisor will ensure you always know what is happening with your money and will remain at your disposal to answer questions and counsel you regarding your financial plan.

Experienced investment managers with a record of performance

A seasoned team of managing executives, with over 50 years of combined experience, will personally oversee your portfolio. Our CEO and Chief Investment Officer Jonathan Dash has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal , Barron’s and CNBC as an opinion leader in the investment industry with a track record of creating value for his firm’s clients.

Expert application of tried & true strategies

There are many approaches to investing your hard earned money. At Dash, you will gain access to tried and true strategies, masterfully applied by a team of investment managers with decades of market insight. Properly executed, the right strategy will help you reach your financial goals, while maintaining a high level of safety and security

Comprehensive research & analysis

When it comes to selecting investments for your portfolio, our expert in-house research team applies a disciplined approach to seeking out attractive investments that offer real value. Stocks, bonds and other securities are subject to rigorous, methodical examination before they are deemed fit for your portfolio.

Competitive & transparent fee structure

When working through Dash Investments, you will be provided with a fair and transparent fee structure that puts your interests first.We have no arrangements or ties to third-party companies and we do not sell financial products. This allows us to remain focused on what is best for our clients

A Message From Our Founder

The story of Dash Investments begins over twenty years ago, when a chance meeting between myself and legendary investor, Warren Buffett, sparked a mentoring relationship that continues to this day. Back then I noticed something was missing from the investment industry. I saw that top-level investment management was only made available to big institutions and very large private investors. It was my belief that all investors deserved to have access to top-quality wealth management strategies and proactive customer service. It was this idea that inspired me to start Dash Investments – a firm with a different philosophy that would truly enable all investors to achieve their financial goals.

The fact that our firm has maintained a client retention rate of nearly 100% since inception simply validates the core beliefs and philosophies I founded the company on.

It is our belief that no two investors are the same and we incorporate this belief into everything we do. That’s why we offer a complete, personalized service that takes your entire financial picture into account. Above all, we believe in the value of your peace-of-mind. That’s why all client assets are managed by a team of highly qualified financial experts,and always with your best interest in

mind. We also commit to fiduciary principles, which include always putting our client’s interests first. We believe “partnership” means sitting on the same side of the table as our clients. That’s why our executives keep a majority of their own personal assets under management alongside client investments. This ensures that our interests are always 100% aligned with yours.

With top financial advisors throughout the U.S., we provide services to investors across the nation. Today, our clients include working professionals, retirees, families and institutions. Regardless of what kind of investor they are, we take the time to get to know each of them personally. Doing so we have built relationships with investors all over the country who value our professional investment expertise and advice.

We look forward to getting to know you and we hope to become a partner in your success.

Jonathan Dash, Founder & CEO