Highly Experienced Investment Managers

At Dash, each client’s portfolio is personally overseen and managed by our Executive Investment Committee, a team with over 60 years of combined experience. Heading the committee is Founder and CEO, Jonathan Dash.

Jonathan Dash

Founder, CEO & Chief Investment Officer

As Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Dash personally oversees all investment management and asset allocations for the firm. Prior to founding the firm, Mr. Dash held positions at several prominent investment management firms, as a senior securities analyst. Over his 20-year career in the investment management industry, Mr. Dash has established a reputation as a successful entrepreneur, turn-around specialist and a superior securities investor. He has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and CNBC, as a top investment advisor with a track record of creating value for his firm’s clients.

A higher standard of excellence and integrity

Since the firm’s inception, Dash Investments has insisted on employing only well-trained financial advisors, who share values in common with ours. Doing so, we have built a team of experts who conduct themselves according to a higher standard of excellence, integrity and teamwork. By keeping turnover to a minimum we are able to stay 100% focused on ensuring client success.

With a committee of recognized and highly qualified financial experts overseeing the management of all assets, Dash Investments has built a reputation with investors and institutions countrywide, as a trusted and accomplished investment management firm.