The Dash Investments Advantage
At Dash Investments, we are fiduciaries. We are proud to commit to putting the interests of our clients before our own. We provide institutional caliber money management services that are based upon a solid, proven research approach. So that we can be sure you’ll have enough money to cover your living expenses, we utilize conservative assumptions in our planning process to avoid misleading you to believe you are in a better position than is the reality. We employ a cash management method that potentially extends the life of your portfolio and can possibly optimize tax efficiency.
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Financial Planning
Many people live in fear of what the future will bring, worrying about the risk of outliving their assets. Others aren’t certain if they are currently spending too much or perhaps if they could be spending more. The only solution is a comprehensive financial plan that will provide you with the information you need to take the uncertainty, and anxiety, out of the equation.
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Stock Market Outlook
Access our Investment Committee’s analysis of current investing conditions and our thoughts on the global economy. This report will give you the information you need to help position your portfolio.
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The Complete Retirement Plan
We devote the bulk of our lives to our work, we save and invest our hard earned money, and we hope to accumulate enough to retire comfortably. Once we do retire, the wealth we have accumulated must last the rest of our lives. Whether you are preparing for, nearing, or in retirement, download the guide below.
Retirement Planning Essentials Guide

Complete Financial Planning Services

In order to assist you in achieving your financial goals, Dash Investments offers a full range of built-in financial planning and advisory services. We believe that assisting our clients to reach their goals requires going beyond basic investment management. Find out how our expert financial advisors can help you get where you want to go.

Personalized Portfolio Management

While many investment advisors tend to manage client assets as a pool, we take a different approach. Building a portfolio tailored to you and your needs is our specialty. You need to make sure your money is working to help you reach your goals, not someone else’s. Find out how Dash Investments can help you create a portfolio customized to you, not your advisor.

The Retirement Planning Professionals

Proper guidance and planning can make all the difference in your retirement success. Whether you are already in retirement, nearing retirement or want to start planning now for this important life event, our retirement planning experts are well-equipped to help you construct a sound retirement plan that will give you the peace of mind you need.

5 Steps for Selecting the Best Financial Advisor

We wrote the book on what makes a great financial advisor

Written by Jonathan Dash, our Founder and Chief Investment Officer, helps you use the internet to find, research, contact, interview, and select the financial advisor with the best qualifications. You don’t have to be a due-diligence expert. All you need is the patience and discipline to follow the steps in this book. Read More!