Warren Buffett: When stocks go down it’s good news

IRAs & Retirement Plans

Please click the link below to see a recent video of Warren Buffett. There’s a quote from him commenting that over time stocks will be higher than they are now. He doesn’t know where stocks will go over the next month, 6 months or year. We don’t either. We’re still finding good long-term investment opportunities for our portfolios.

To find out what he has to say, watch this informative CNBC video. It may help you avoid making a financial decision you will regret later.

If you’re getting your financial information from newsletters, economists, or people writing things on the internet, Buffett poses an interesting question: How many economists have ever made money out of securities? If we go a step further, how many are billionaires or on the Forbes 400 list? How many economists who try to predict when we’re going to have ups and downs and freely dole out advice to folks who invest their money actually invest money on their own and do well for themselves? If you find one, please let me know.