Financial Planning

Make A Plan to Succeed

Building a personal financial plan is the first and most important step to reaching your investment goals. A well-crafted financial plan provides a stable foundation upon which to manage and grow your assets. Many financial planners charge additional fees for, or simply do not provide, financial planning services. At Dash Investments we believe that such services should be a standard aspect of financial planning. By assisting clients to create a financial plan suited to their needs, we are able to manage their assets accordingly.

Understanding what you want to accomplish

At Dash Investments, all clients are provided access to comprehensive financial planning services. Your dedicated financial advisor will start by analyzing your financial picture and objectives. With your goals in mind, a program is then set in place to help you reach them.

Proper financial planning includes:

  • Establishing your financial objectives
  • Setting a timeframe or target date for your goals
  • Determining cash flow requirements
  • Allocating assets in accordance with your goals, timeframe and cash flow requirements
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax planning
  • Risk management

Whatever your goals may be, your financial plan will incorporate all aspects of your situation and provide a guide to assist you in reaching them. As a client of Dash Investments, you will always have a dedicated Private Financial Planner, to assist you in managing and making adjustments to your plan as you go along.