A Fee Structure that Puts Your Interests First

Our fees are set on a sliding scale and based solely on your amount of assets under management. Further, you will never find our advisors attempting to sell financial products for their gain. We are one of the few remaining firms that offers a truly 100% fee-based service. Our only incentive is to continually grow the value of your account. In other words, our interests are fully aligned with yours.

No hidden fees

We strive to maintain a transparent and straightforward fee structure that is easy to understand.Your management costs will always be clearly listed on your statements so you can see exactly how much you’re paying.

Many firms claim to be a fee-only service but this is seldom actually true. More often than not, a close look at the fine print will reveal a slew of fees that are not clearly disclosed. These may include commissions, 12b-1 fees, sales load charges and incentives or revenue-sharing deals with third party companies. These hidden fees can add up to three to six percent of your portfolio value per year

No third party arrangements

We have no arrangements or ties to third-party companies and we do not sell financial products.Simply put, we do not receive any compensation from outside sources.

Further, when you invest with Dash Investments, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that all primaries of our firm keep a significant majority of their own personal assets under management alongside client investments. In this way, we ensure that our interests are always 100% aligned with yours.