Investment Strategy

Positioning Your Portfolio for Long-Term Success

Selecting an effective guiding strategy for the management of your portfolio is an important part of ensuring that you reach your goals while keeping your assets secure. The primary philosophy applied in the management of our clients’ accounts is known as “Value investing” – an approach made famous by legendary investor Warren Buffett. Our clients benefit from expert implementation of a time-tested investment approach, which has been successful for more than 80 years.

A Proven Strategy

“Value investing” is defined as purchasing stocks, bonds, or other investments when they are selling for less than they are intrinsically worth. Put another way, value investors seek to purchase stocks and bonds at bargain prices.

The basic principles of value investing are put into practice every day by consumers who seek to find the best prices for their favorite products.

For instance, imagine a scenario where your local grocery store is temporarily overstocked with your favorite cereal. As a result, they may put the product on sale for half price. Since you know from experience that this cereal brand is generally very popular and probably won’t be in oversupply for long, you would likely buy several boxes because you know you are getting a great deal.

This same idea can be applied to stocks and bonds. Value investors will strive to determine the inherent value of companies and seek to purchase the stocks or bonds of those companies when they “go on sale.” When they are not selling at a discount, the value investor will patiently wait for the price to fall to their targeted buying range.

A Flexible Approach

While we have found value-investing principles to be most effective in assisting our clients to reach their goals, we may incorporate other appropriate strategies based on prevailing market conditions. Unlike some advisors who specialize in one style of investing, we remain flexible so that your assets can be exposed to growth opportunities in any market. Consistent with your financial plan, your portfolio will be conservatively invested to achieve optimal returns while providing the safety and security you desire.

At Dash Investments, we are fiduciaries. We are proud to commit to putting the interests of our clients before our own.