Research Process

Did you know that there are over 9,500 publicly traded stocks in the United States and over 63,000 traded worldwide? There are also tens of thousands of fixed-income securities from which to choose. With so many investment options, how do you know which stocks or bonds to invest in? How do you know which are right for you?

Comprehensive Research

Consistent with value-investing principles, our research team specializes in identifying investment opportunities in securities that are currently undervalued. We provide institutional-caliber money management services that are based upon a solid, proven research approach.

Conducting rigorous fundamental research and utilizing proprietary methodologies, our team of experts works full time to analyze and successfully identify attractive investment opportunities for our clients. Research often includes traveling to a company’s headquarters to meet with management, interviewing the company’s customers and suppliers, and conducting thorough research on its competitors.

By the time we are through, we can accurately determine the company’s intrinsic value and growth potential. Many of our investments are in companies we have followed for decades. By becoming experts in a given company before investing, we keep our clients well ahead of the pack.