Custom Portfolio Design

At Dash Investments, our first priority is getting to know you and understanding your goals. By doing so, we can help you design a comprehensive financial plan that is uniquely yours. Your financial plan will help guide the creation and management of your investment portfolio.

Discovery Consultation

Your Financial Counselor meets with you and gathers information about your personal financial picture, your goals, and needs.

In-Depth Analysis

Using information gathered in your initial consultation, our Portfolio Evaluation Team, working under the guidance of our expert Investment Committee, will create a written investment proposal with recommendations suited to your needs.

Secondary Consultation

Your Financial Counselor will review these recommendations with you to ensure that you are comfortable with them and understand how they will help you reach your long-term goals.

Asset Transfer and Plan Execution

Your assets are transferred to well-known, third-party custodial institutions that specialize in asset custody and administration. Our Investment Committee will implement the strategy outlined for you and build your portfolio for long-term success.

Keeping Current With Your Financial Picture

Our Investment Committee will monitor your portfolio on a daily basis. Meanwhile, because your personal needs and circumstances may change, your Financial Counselor will regularly review your financial picture with you and provide updates to the Investment Committee. Based on these reviews and our updated views of capital markets, you will receive frequent, proactive consultation regarding your portfolio and overall financial plan.