Proven Approach

A Disciplined and Proven Approach

Our top investment advisors are experts at employing proven investment strategies. We believe that investment success requires patience, discipline and a long-term orientation. Through application of this philosophy we have achieved excellent results for private individuals and institutions across the country.

Tried and True Strategy

The primary philosophy applied in the management of our client’s accounts is known as “Value Investing” – an investment approach made famous by legendary investor, Warren Buffett. Our clients benefit from expert implementation of a time-honored investment approach, which has been successful for more than 80 years.

“Value Investing” is defined as purchasing stocks, bonds or other investments when they are selling for less then they are intrinsically worth. Put another way, value investors seek to make investments at bargain prices.

Uncompromising Research

Conducting rigorous fundamental research and utilizing proprietary methodologies, our team of investment experts work full time to analyze and successfully identify attractive investment opportunities for our clients. Before making the decision to invest in a stock or fixed-income-security, we make sure that we understand the company behind the security better than most any investor in the market. Employing this research-intensive approach has enabled us to identify attractive, stable investments and deliver consistent results for our clients over time.

We Only Invest in the Best

We don’t take chances when investing our client’s assets. When investing in stocks or bonds, we seek only great businesses that operate in stable industries. Great businesses are companies which either have valuable assets or strong competitive advantages within their industry, demonstrate strength in all economic environments and are well positioned for growth.

There are many great businesses in the market. The key is determining when such a company becomes a great investment. Our expert analysis and vigilant monitoring allows us to determine when a stock is “on sale” and to purchase only when an attractive investment opportunity presents itself.