Your Security

Ensuring Your Security

At Dash Investments your comfort and security is our foremost concern. In order to ensure absolute transparency, all client accounts are held at well-known, third-party custodial institutions, that specialize in asset custody and administration. Further, we utilize modern day technology to ensure you are never out of touch with your money. Whether at your desk or away on vacation, you will always be able to view your accounts with the click of a button, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Keeping Your Assets Safe

Our top investment advisors employ a disciplined approach and conduct rigorous due diligence before making investment decisions. We invest only in highly stable industries and only when we see a high margin of safety. As disciplined investors with a healthy dose of skepticism, we don’t follow Wall Street research or chase fads. We conduct our own comprehensive research, seeking facts, not opinions, and we remain emotionally detached in our analysis. Doing so, we have been able to consistently identify investment opportunities that are “selling” for less than they are truly worth and that possess significant potential to rise in value. Keeping client assets invested in undervalued, high-quality investments dramatically reduces volatility and downside.

Avoiding Volatility

Safety and security are our primary objectives. This means investing in only high-quality investments. Identifying such investments takes an expert research team with years of experience. Our defense-oriented approach allows us to bring clients the peace of mind they need, while safely and securely growing their assets.